Terrington St John Parish Council


Terrington St John Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

10th December 2018 to 8th February 2019

Terrington St. John Parish Council has commenced the process of developing a neighbourhood plan for the area. Neighbourhood plans were introduced by the Localism Act 2011 and provides the opportunity for the local community to set out its own statutory development plan and policies for its area. The Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk  has formally designated the neighbourhood planning area as the administrative boundary of the parish.

We are following a timetable which we hope will see a draft plan ready for submission to the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, and the Parish Council is currently developing the evidence base and holding a consultation with local people, organisations and other key stakeholders and consultees about their views.

In order to help us ensure that we are aware of all issues relevant to the development of the neighbourhood plan, we would be grateful if you would contact us by emailing your comments to the Clerk of Terrington St John – [email protected] should you wish to contribute anything at this stage in the process. This might include:

  • informing us of key strategies, plans and programmes of which you think we should be aware
  • any other comments you wish to make to inform the developing neighbourhood plan.

If you do wish to contribute anything at this consultation stage, please do so no later than Friday 8th February 2019 as this will inform the next stage of the process.

Scam Alert – Telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Norfolk Trading Standards’ about ‘payments to access money owed’

We are warning people to be aware of telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Norfolk Trading Standards’ about ‘payments to access money owed’.

This follows an incident where a Norfolk resident received a call claiming to be from ‘Norfolk Trading Standards’.  During the call the cold caller tried to persuade the resident to pay the fee, stating that he could ‘guarantee that the fee was safe to pay’ and that it was a ‘legitimate situation’.

These calls are a scam and are not connected with Norfolk Trading Standards in any way.  Trading Standards do not cold call residents requesting payments to access money owed or refunds.

We always advise to be wary of claims made in telephone cold calls and to always treat unexpected calls claiming to be about financial issues with extreme caution.  Never give or confirm any personal and financial details when telephone cold called even if the caller knows basic information about you.

If you receive this type of call do not give or confirm any personal information, hang up, wait five minutes or use a different phone to report it to us via our partners the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 040506.

Scam Alert – Emails claiming to be from ‘TV Licensing’

We are warning about emails circulating claiming to be from TV Licensing stating that ‘Your TV Licence will expire’ and then offering a link to ‘Please Set up a new Direct Debit Now’.

These emails are not from TV Licensing and anyone following the link will be taken to a fake version of the TV Licensing website which will attempt to gather personal and financial details.

It is likely that many versions of this email will be circulating using a range of different ‘expire’ dates.

TV Licensing offer the following advice for spotting scam emails:

  • Check the email contains your name – TV Licensing will always include your name in any emails they send you
  • Check the email subject line – anything along the lines of “Action required”, “Security Alert”, “System Upgrade”, “There is a secure message waiting for you”, and so on, should be treated as suspect
  • Check the email address – does the email address look like one that TV Licensing use?  For example, [email protected] Look closely as often the address may be similar.
  • Check for a change in style – often the scammers will take the real emails and amend them. Look out for changes in the wording used, especially if it seems too casual or familiar.
  • Check for spelling and grammar – are there any spelling mistakes, missing full stops or other grammatical errors?
  • Check the links go to the TV Licensing website – hover over the links in the email to see their destination and check the web address carefully. If you are not sure, go directly to the TV Licensing website.
  • Never provide details by email – TV licensing will never ask you to reply to an email and provide bank details or personal information
  • Scam Alert – Telephone cold calls claiming ‘your broadband will be disconnected in 24 hours’We have received a number of reports about these calls in the last week with the common theme being a recorded message which delivers the claim and goes on to offer the call recipient press number options to ‘speak to an operative to prevent disconnection’.If you receive one of these calls do not press any keys if prompted, hang up and report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.We are warning residents to be on their guard after receiving reports of male going door to door in the Watton area offering to undertake driveway work.It is possible these doorstep cold callers could move on to other areas around Norfolk.Looking for a Trader you can Trust? Try a Norfolk Trusted Trader. To search our directory and read feedback from their customers visit www.norfolk.gov.uk/trustedtrader
  • Anyone concerned about possible rogue trader activity in Norfolk can contact Trading Standards through our partners the Citizens Advice consumer helpline via their online reporting form or by telephone on 03454 04 05 06.
  • We always advise to never deal with cold callers looking to undertake work on or around your property.  If you are looking to have this type of work done only deal with reputable companies, you have researched and chosen yourself and have obtained a written quotation from.
  • Rogue Trader Alert – Doorstep cold callers offering to undertake ‘driveway work’
  • These calls are not genuine and are likely to be used to seek remote access to computers, gather personal, account or financial details or attempt to take payments.
  • We are warning about telephone cold calls delivering a recorded message claiming ‘your broadband will be disconnected in 24 hours’.
  • You can report suspicious emails to Action Fraud using their online form or by telephone on 0300 123 2040.

Watch out for scammers! OpAccessoryPoster


The Parish Council has a vacancy, and would like to co-opt a new member as soon as possible.  If you would like to apply please read through the attached Co-option policy or call the Clerk, Gail Robinson on 01945 881551 for more information.  TSJ Co-option-policy-2017

SAM2 flyer – Would you be able to help move the SAM2 signs in Terrington St John?  Speeding is a concern in Terrington St John, your help is needed to move these signs around the village.  Please phone the Clerk for more information.

Welcome to the official website for Terrington St John Parish Council.

UK_TerringtonStJohn sign

Terrington St John is situated to the west of Norfolk, on the A47 between King’s Lynn and Peterborough.

There are many facilities that serve this thriving and active community.  Among these include: a primary school, doctors’ surgery, pharmacy, church, many clubs, a few local shops, restaurant and a friendly pub.

Ever wondered what your Parish Council is here to do?  The Parish Council is made up of 9 members who all live in Terrington St John or within a short distance and represent the village on various matters.  We are effectively the third tier of local government, the other two being Norfolk County Council and the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. We meet at  7.00pm  on the first Wednesday of the month at Ely Row Methodist Hall.  The public are very welcome to attend and we encourage people to speak during the open forum which is part of each formal meeting.  We discuss varying issues which affect the community and are directly responsible for:

  • The village play area on Old Church Road
  • Providing general maintenance around the village
  • The allotments
  • Bus shelters and seating
  • Litter bins and some street lighting
  • A village litter picker

We also make comments on all planning applications although the District Council or County Council make the decision.  We regularly discuss issues such as local roads and supporting local groups.

If you are interested in Terrington St John Parish Council why not come along to one of our meetings!  Or if you see an issue relating to the maintenance of the village, please contact the Clerk directly to make your report.

Please note that when you click on the documents on this website they will automatically download to your computer.